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Python script to query zillow

Here is a script that can be used (tested with python3 only) to query price information from zillow using the zillow API.

First you should register with zillow and get yourself a Zillow Web Services ID, following the steps outlined at

Then edit the script and substitute the string (On line 7) YourZillowWebServicesIdHere, with your own Zillow Web services id.

Then you can run the script as follows.

python3 address zipcode (Both parameters are mandatory)

Eg : python3 “4 zippy lane” 06194

Be sure to use a valid address and zipcode or else the script will error.

You will get an output similar to the output below. (Click on the image to see a larger version).

This is an easy way to checkout houses and prices of comparable houses in the same locality.

Hope someone finds this helpful.