Oracle Papers

Collection of some of the must-read/must-watch oracle documents/webcasts available online. I hope to keep this list fairly small and concise (I know that there are thousands of oracle white papers and others online). Mostly want to maintain a list of docs that reinforces basic oracle principles. Drop me a line/Post a comment, if you think there are some docs, which should be added to the list

Oracle Performance

Understanding Optimizer Statistics – Part 1  New  (Oracle Optimizer Dev Blog)

Understanding Optimizer Statistics – Part 2  New  (Oracle Optimizer Dev Blog)

Oracle Sql Parallel Execution (Oracle Corp)

Sql Plan Management in 11g (Oracle Corp)

Partitioning in Oracle 11g (Oracle Corp)

Using Oracle Database Resource Manager (Oracle Corp)

Database Instance Caging (Oracle Corp)

Managing Statistics for Optimal Query Performance (Karen Morton)

Fundamentals of Software Performance, Quick Reference Card (Cary Millsap)

Good Oracle Blog Posts from around the Web



Linux Memory Management

Inside the Linux 2.6 Completely fair scheduler

Good Linux Blog Posts from around the web

Miscellaneous must reads

Stay Hungy, Stay Foolish – Steve Jobs

Really Achieving Your childhood dreams – Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture

The Cathedral and the bazaar – Eric S Raymond

Abraham Lincoln’s letter to his son’s teacher

If – Poem by Rudyard Kipling


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