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12c Adaptive Query Optimization – Getting Started

In Oracle Database 12c, adaptive query optimization is a set of capabilities that enables the optimizer to make run-time adjustments to execution plans and discover additional information that can lead to better statistics. Adaptive optimization is helpful when existing statistics are not sufficient to generate an optimal plan.


Below are a series of blog posts that I have written, that explains the Basics of how these features work.

Dynamic Statistics – Some Notes

Adaptive Plans – Adaptive Joins

Adaptive Plans – Adaptive Parallel Distribution Methods

AQO – Dynamic Statistics Examples

AQO – ReOptimization

AQP – SQL Plan Directives


Below are some oracle white papers and Mos notes that you could read, to familiarize yourselves with these new features.

Understanding Optimizer Statistics with Oracle 12c

Best practices for gathering statistics with Oracle 12c

What to expect with the optimizer, with Oracle 12c.

Adaptive Query Optimization – Mos Note : 2031605.1

Automatic Dynamic Statistics – Mos Note : 2002108.1

Adaptive Execution Plans – Mos Note : 1409636.1

How to Approach Issues Related to Adaptive Optimizations – Mos Note : 2068807.1

Optimizer Statistics – Master Note – Mos Note : 1369591.1

Resolving Issues of Library Cache Pin or Cursor Pin S Wait on X – Mos Note : 1476663.1

Troubleshooting Cursor Pin S Wait on X – Mos Note : 1349387.1

Cursor Pin S Wait on X, Finding Blocker – Mos Note : 786507.1

Parameter Recommendations for Oracle 12c – Part 1 (Upgrade PM Blog)

Parameter Recommendations for Oracle 12c – Part 2 (Upgrade PM Blog)

Things to consider before upgrading to (Upgrade PM Blog)

Adaptive Query Optimization configuration : Parameters, Preferences and Fix controls (Christian Antognini Blog)