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Simple Rails Program

Thought building applicationsĀ  using Microsoft Access was easy ? try building one in Rails, it is Easy…

Install and configure ruby and rails as described in my earlier post.

First create a directory to hold your Rails code. Let us say /u01/ror

cd /u01/ror

Issue the following command to create the necessary rails directory structure

rails test

cd to the config directory

cd test/config

Edit the database Connection properties file

vi database.yml

Modify the details for the development environment as follows (You can remove test and production). Make sure you use oracle_enhanced as the adapter, and not just oracle.

adapter: oracle_enhanced
database: RK01
username: scott
password: tige

cd /u01/ror

Create the Model/View and Controller

script/generate scaffold Customer name:string contact:string phone:string email:string

Create the table named Customers in the Oracle database

rake db:migrate

Start the web server

ruby script/server

Then you can access the application you just created by going to your browser and putting in the URL http://localhost:3000/customers.

This application can now view/add/modify/delete customer information

“That was easy”

Simply Rails 2” by patrick lenz is a great book for Rails beginners and includes Rails 2 information.